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Wholesale Metallic Gold and Silver Temporary Tattoos

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Premium quality metallic temporary tattoos designed by local Los Angeles artists that get a substantial cut from every sale. 

Ordering wholesale is a cost-effective and fun way to add a little ‘flash’ to your store and raise your sales! Each tattoo is retail-ready, packaged into the clear bag and has a UPC barcode on the back! 

We'll also provide support and resources (marketing materials, high-res photos) that you might need in order to boost your sales!

  • Please see our Wholesale Catalog of metallic temporary tattoos below: Wholesale Catalog

  • For minimum order requirements, terms and conditions - please check out our Wholesale Agreement

  • To apply for wholesale account please register here: REGISTER

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Frequently Asked Questions
Tattoos will last for 2-4 days, depending on where they are placed. They are waterproof, don’t forget to place them on a clean, oil-free skin surface!
Absolutely! Our products are mindfully printed on paper from sustainably sourced forests (100% FSC-certified paper) with non-toxic soy-based inks. We are in compliance with safety standards for cosmetic products and meet all domestic and international regulatory requirements. Cosmetic product safety report can be provided upon request.
Remove clear top sheet & press tattoo firmly face down on skin. Wet tattoo thoroughly with wet cloth for 30 seconds, carefully peel off paper backing. Gently rinse with water for the best effect. Be sure not to stretch your skin until tattoo has set (5-10 minutes). To remove your tattoo, simply soak your skin in oil or rubbing alcohol and gently scrub off.
We do not offer exclusivity for specific regions or stores at this time.
We suggest using a pegboard for display.
Our order minimum is $200 for new retailers. This helps to ensure that you have the best selection of our products.
Tattoos are designed by artists in Los Angeles, CA, USA and printed at our factory in China. We’re working hard to bring the production to the US.
Orders are shipped from Los Angeles, CA, United States.
Application Instructions are printed on the back of the tattoos. Since the in-stock tattoos are already made - we would not be able to customize the back, however, this option is available for custom orders!
Absolutely! High Resolution photos are available upon request.
Yes! We are partners with Modalyst for dropshipping.
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